Texture is IN at TEXTURA!



Texture is now IN here at TEXTURA Salon. Each of our stylists has their texture specialty, and we are proud to announce it to the world! First of all, we now carry Goldwell’s NEW Kerasilk Treatment. Horduz is the master of the keratin smoothing treatment.

Are you frustrated with frizzy hair? Are you wishing your curls were a little less crazy? Goldwell has created a product that is perfect for you! This is the world’s first COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE Keratin treatment. If you are looking to tame your frizz but keep your curl, tame your curl and your frizz, or get silky straight hair, the Kerasilk system is made for all hair types, and lasts up to 5 months!

If you are interested in this fantastic service, please call the salon at 778-329-3885 or send us a text at 604-360-5804 to book in for your service, or for a complimentary consultation!





And while we all can’t be blessed with curly hair, some of us may want it badly. For those people, Beth has now started doing perms! And while the word “perm” may conjure up images of poodles and fried hair, that style is best left in the 80s! Perming technology has been updated dramatically since then, and Beth has been working hard creating her own brand of perm, and the outcome is brilliant!

You can now get a body wave perm, something to give your hair a slight wave without committing to the tight curls of perms past. And that horrible smell? A thing of the past, especially since Goldwell’s perms can be neutralized with their Colorance haircolor. This means that you can get your hair permed and colored in the exact same day! Get in touch with us to consult with Beth, and see if one of her beautiful perms is a good option for you!




And if you are one of those lucky ladies who is blessed with smooth hair that is a texture you are completely happy with, but wanting to add a little oomph to your locks, then Bailey’s coloring techniques are for you! As you have read in our previous post, summer is just around the corner, and doing a balayage ombre is a great way to add natural tones to your already existing palette.








Summer is Almost Here!

Hey everyone!

The weather here in Vancouver is starting to turn! Warmer weather means one thing: Lighter hair! If you’re planning on going lighter for the summer time, now is the time to start!

This year the traditional “ombre” is dead and gone. That being said, Bailey has tons of ideas involving balayage ombre! Check out some of her work later in the post! Also, if you have darker hair and you’re wanting to add some blond into it for the summer time, now is the time to start! We would much rather lift you slowly over a couple of visits than to just go whole hog right off the bat!

We are also extremely inspired by these spring colors! Pastels are in this year, as is adding a pop of bright color somewhere in there! Are you worried about fading? Worry no longer! We carry Elumen in the salon, which lasts much longer than your traditional semi-permanent fun colors, like Manic Panic or Punky Colors!











We also have some very exciting news! Goldwell’s KERATIN Smoothing Treatment is now here at TEXTURA Salon! H is the master of this service! The treatment is completely customizable, depending on whether you are looking at smoothing only frizz but leaving curl, relaxing some of the curl and the frizz, or if you have curly hair that isn’t frizzy that you’re just looking to reduce the curl pattern!1492502_10152344242704198_1397663354_o

Stay tuned for our upcoming KERASILK promotion!

What are your plans for your hair this summer? Whatever they may be, come see us at TEXTURA and we will help you achieve your dream hair!

Lots of love,

The Staff at TEXTURA Salon!

Behind the Scenes

Hey everyone!

We have been extremely busy here at TEXTURA Salon, these last couple weeks. We have been doing tons of photo shoots, model casts, and hair, hair, hair. There has been tons of stuff going on behind the scenes at TEXTURA, but we have some very exciting news to share with everyone.

First of all, last Thursday, we spent some time at Vancouver Fashion Week, helping create some hair art for Connelly McDougall. We were behind the scenes with Sara Rose of NICHE Magazine, and Harry Leonard.




Now for the really exciting news!!!

We have finished the photo shoot for the relaunch of our website! We have searched high and low for the models best suited for TEXTURA. We have put in countless hours prepping the models, the hair, the vision. And finally, we are finished! We can be expecting the relaunch of the website for this May!

We spent 13 hours on set, meticulously creating the vision Beth Lugtu has set forth for TEXTURA. We would like to share some behind the scenes photos with everyone; a teaser until the website is complete!

IMAG2590 (1)

Jewellery by the lovely Chloe McKinnon

IMAG2597 (1)

Beth hard at work creating a signature look


Mid-process shot of Bailey’s model having her hair straightened


We love Goldwell, it comes everywhere with us! Even to our photo shoots.


A candid Beth and Bailey shot.

IMAG2630 (2)

A little taste!

We can’t wait until we get to share the end result with everybody! Thanks for checking out what’s been going on with us!

Lots of love,

The Staff at TEXTURA Salon




TEXTURA Salon is proudly offering our clients a friendly competitive game to play throughout the next 3 months. The game is very simple and the rewards are HUGE!

The client that refers the MOST NEW clients through March 15 – June 15 will win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

The client that refers the MOST BUSINESS through March 15 – June 15 will win an iPAD Air with accessory package.

Starting March 15th, we will have referral cards available at the front desk for our clients to fill out and give to their friends, family members, and anybody else that you may think needs a little TEXTURA in their life.

For fun, we will be keeping track of the progress at our reception desk for all clients to see and participate in.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your stylist, or get in touch with the salon.

Best of luck, loyal clients!!


Lots of love,

The Staff at TEXTURA Salon.


What’s New at TEXTURA Salon

Hello friends!

We have sure been busy this past few weeks. We have teamed up with Harry of Harry Leonard Imagery for our rebranding photo shoots. We have been attending model castings, working tirelessly to find the new faces of TEXTURA Salon. This entire month is dedicated to working hard and getting this shoot finished so we can share with you our vision for the new TEXTURA.

Harry has been an amazing photographer to work with, both behind the scenes and away from the studio. He has been completely supportive of our vision and working hard with us to ensure everything comes out how we would like it to!


 We are really looking forward to the complete reveal of our brand. After the shoot is finished, we will be able to share our website, promotional materials, and vision with our clients.

 Things have been busy both in and out of the salon, and we are in the middle of conjuring up something fabulous for our clients!

Check back soon for details.

Lots of love,

The Staff at TEXTURA Salon

Happy Early Spring!

Dearest clients, potential clients, and curious passers-by;

We have decided to give out a special offer as a way to say thank you to our current clients, and hello to new ones! We are now offering a $20 gift certificate for use on any service in the salon. Please print this out and bring it into the salon, and receive $20 off your service!


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Lots of love,

The Staff at TEXTURA Salon

Goldwell’s Arrival

We are sure there are many people out there wondering why we have switched brands, and adopted Goldwell as our in-salon color and product line. There are many reasons why, and this blog post is all about our experience with Goldwell.1039603_10151707154134198_1214570960_o

Our current sales rep Eric, who we’re sure several of you have met already, came in to the salon with information about Goldwell during a time when we were already considering a brand change. Our previous product line was not performing as well as we would have liked, the consistency and longevity of the colors were not there, and their products were difficult for our clients to use at home.

We invited Goldwell in for a color class and shortly after that, we were hooked. We found that Goldwell’s color line gave us the creative freedom and ability to express ourselves artistically without feeling confined by the structure of the color. Our previous color line was very basic and straightforward, and while Goldwell is extremely easy to formulate and work with, the lines have given us more options. We are still using ammonia-free color lines in the salon, but we have also added TopChic to the list of color lines we offer. TopChic has one of the lowest ammonia formulas available, and their color choices rival those of any other line we have worked with. Now, we are not only able to create modern and sophisticated colors, but we also have the ability to formulate fun fashion colors as well. Goldwell really does provide us with endless options.1039749_10151707157969198_482627068_o (1)

Sticking with our belief against animal cruelty, Goldwell and KMS do not test on animals. Furthermore, Goldwell carries a line of green shampoos and conditioners that are free from parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and other harmful chemicals.

Knowing the future of TEXTURA Salon, it is highly important for us to have a company that supports us in all that we do. The amount of support we have received from Eric, Michelle, and the entire Goldwell team has been phenomenal. Their willingness to work with us on several of our goals is a major factor in our confidence in the product line. In fact, all of the contests, promotions, and specials would not be possible if it weren’t for the support of Eric and Goldwell.

Shortly after we introduced Goldwell into our salon, our previous company was involved in a class-action lawsuit and several recalls. We know that Goldwell is true to their word, and provides immeasurable support for its clients and consumers.

We hope this short post helps further explain our decision to adopt Goldwell as our in-house product line.

Stay tuned for more upcoming promotions!

Lots of love,

The Staff at TEXTURA Salon.